Sales Term

Our store transaction agreements are defined and covered by Japanese Law.
Should any legal problems occur, we will deal with them promptly.

Shipping charges and consumption tax for Japanese orders
The Japanese government applies a 8% consumption tax on all goods purchased for use in Japan. This tax does not apply to orders for outside of Japan. If you are ordering for Japan please send an e-mail to for a tax-inclusive quote and internal shipping charges.

Payment method
Valid VISA and Mastercard cedit cards and Paypal are acceptable.

Availability of goods
Items are sold on the basis of availability. Availability status will be made at the time of order. You will be notified of any unavailabilities, before your final order and payment are made.

Dispatch of goods
Goods are shipped within 3 days of an order being received. In the case of Paypal and International money orders, goods will be shipped after the confirmation of payment.

Returning inferior goods
If goods contain inferior parts, or if parts are missing: send us an e-mail explaining the problem and we will arrange for and cover the cost for the shipment of new parts.

Other returns.
Goods, other than inferior products, can not be returned.