Product NameThe Korean War
MakerSunset Games
DesignerGinichiro Suzuki
Product TypeA Game with a historical note and a designer's note.
Player numbers1-2
Plaing TimeSix hours
Rule LanguageJapanese
Features and ContentsThe Game: "The Korean War" is from Epoch. Players play the Korean War until immediately after Landing Inchon in 1950. "The Korean War" consists of 264 pieces, a 59 x 84 cm map(printed in Japanese) and 20 pages of rules(in Japanese). Korean Peninsula is printed in a map. Turn length is a week and units are regiments or divisions. Player numbers are one or two and playing time is six hours.

Solitaire Suitabilty:High(on a scale of Low-Medium-High)

Game Design:Ginichiro Suzuki
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