Product NameVon Vietinghoff's 10th Army
MakerPrivate Coterie Game
DesignerHideaki Tarui
Product TypeA coterie game with a historical note.
Player numbers1-2
Plaing TimeFrom three hours
Rule LanguageJapanese
Features and ContentsThe Game: "Von Vietinghoff's 10th Army" consists of 1386 pieces , two 59 x 84 cm maps , a 10.5 x 29.5 cm map(printed in Japanese) and 14 pages of rules (in Japanese). Turn length is eight hours and units are platoons or companies. Player numbers are one or two and playing time is from three hours. Players play tactical battles in Salerno 1943. Circumference of Salerno in southern Italy is printed in maps.
Solitaire Suitabilty:Medium(on a scale of Low-Medium-High)

Game Design:Hideaki Tarui. He designed "Wehrmacht:First Defeat".
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